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Adam Scott Rote Artist - Ocean Blue GalleriesAdam Scott Rote

Born in Cleveland, Ohio Adam Scott Rote’s early reminiscences of his childhood always involved creative and artistic pursuits. An award winning painter who early in his career established his talent by apprenticing with artistic masters in the fields of portraiture, airbrush, realism, and sign painting well before the digital age. Learning several different hands-on techniques, Adam was later able to combine his knowledge and bring a fresh approach to the canvas, working with acrylic, gouache, watercolor-pencil, airbrush and erasure in unison. Painting gradual buildups like the old and modern masters with transparent overlays bringing forth the breathtaking originals you see today. An extremely labor intensive process that can take months for one original Adam is also gifted with an eye for composition and imagination, so stated Hollywood Legend Debbie Reynolds upon viewing his works.

His subject matter is constantly evolving from the “American Ruisn” which launched his Gallery career in 2004 to his continued reimagining of his early inspirations featuring wildlife, musical icons and the Noir inspired portraits. 2008 Adam Scott Rote caught the eye of Hollywood’s Legendary Stars and their love and admiration has made him to date the most clebrated and collaborated artist ever in History. Angie Dickinson called him her “Warhol”. Al Pacino stated upon signing his Scarface painting was the best he’d ever seen. To date, Adam has worked with Academy award winners Martin Landau, Ernest Borgnine, Al Pacino, Joan Fontaine, Patricia Neal and Goldie Hawn. Screen legends Jerry Lewis, Burt Reynold, Angie Dickinson, TippiHedren, Stella Stevens, Esther Williams, Kurt Russell, Kim Novak, Debbie Reynolds, Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Carrie Fisher, Ali Macgraw & Veteran television Producer and Director Karen Grace Cadle, Director George Lucas.

What is Love by Adam Scott Rote Ocean Blue GalleriesI start with my sketch on paper perfecting the layout, then transferring the drawing like the old masters by charcoaling the back of the paper and taping it in place on the canvas. Fixed in place, I carefully retrace my drawing, once done this allows minimal pencil and sketch lines to interfere with the canvas. Removing the paper outline I begin with black acrylic paint specifically formulated for the airbrush and slowly flesh out the image. I alternate with watercolor pencils for sharpness until I achieve the first preliminary stage. I begin with erasing to create distinct depth in the work going back and forth with airbrush watercolor pencil and erasure. This process is lengthy and depending on the image, can take several days. I will usually mask off the the entire figure and proceed to the background, unless the figure involves transparency, then the background would have been completed first. I will then undo the masking and complete the figure. Beginning to build color while still erasing to define highlights (or fur in case of the animals). I will now use white paint to help blend the masked edges to give the painting a balanced look. Traditional brushwork is also applied during my painting along with techniques that I studied from a gentleman named Leonard Pardon on faux painting.

I hope this answers some questions regarding my Art Works. I enjoy painting in the galleries and welcome your visit to watch me in action. Check with your Art consultant on my next show.

Adam’s paintings have also been featured in books, magazines, movies and television. In 2011, Adam collaborated with iconic Hollywood legends for exclusive co-signed limited edition prints featuring his famous Drive-In-Daze painting. 2014 Adam has secured a licensing deal to bring Academy award winning 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz” “Gone With The Wind” to the canvas. Look for the release of his interpretation of Alice, Through The Looking Glass, and Grimm’s Big Bad Wolf co-starring several notable Hollywood legends.

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