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Oceanblue Galleries Artist David C MillerDAVID C. MILLER

Is It A Painting…Or A Window To Paradise?

Actually…it’s both. David Miller’s “Windows to Paradise” are the most exciting and unique form of artwork introduced to the art world since the inception of the giclee’ print.  Meticulously painted, each piece delivers a true three-dimensional feel of an actual “Window to Paradise” on your wall.  Miller creates this facade with warm contrasting colors and his ability to mimic nature’s lighting.  He furthers this illusion by casting shadows throughout the painting masterfully drawing us into its center.  This canvas hangs flat on a wall like most conventional paintings.  It is hand-stretched around patented custom-built wooden stretchers that are identical in contour and shape to the illustration itself, thus giving us an extraordinary realistic feel.  Although the image is a flat two-dimensional print on canvas, nothing could look more three-dimensional.  From beautiful seascapes to Italian Villas Miller has completely stepped out of the box, and back in through the window.

David C. Miller, a resident of Florida, is an internationally acclaimed marine artist of exceptional accomplishment and integrity.  His use of acrylics have earned him acclaim from art critics as well as environmentalists.  His extraordinary palette of colors is at once exotic, yet realistic of the habitat he paints.  Certified for open water scuba, he draws his inspiration from many hours of diving in the beautiful waters of the Hawaiian Islands, California, Mexico, & the Caribbean.  David’s paintings are distinctive in their compositional approach and three-dimensional perspective, as can be seen in his exquisite portrayal of life zones both above and beneath the sea.  The artist’s work is shown in scores of galleries across the U.S..  A dedicated conservationist, he has donated his time & work to the Save The Dolphin Foundation, and Sea Turtles of the World, saving the Coral Reefs of the World Foundations, and Save the Manatees.

Meet and Greet with David Miller at Ocean Blue Galleries

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