Project Description

Fara Thomas artist Ocean Blue GalleriesFara Thomas

Fara is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist whose artist a personal expression of life, with all of its textures and layers. Her work consistently provides a strong contrast of vivid colors and open space; creating images that can excite the senses or sooth the mind, but always vibrate with undeniable energy. And while each work is abstract in style, the viewer will often see elements of nature within each painting.

Though the design tone of Fara’s art can range from sleek and modern to weathered and organic, there is always an unmistakable sense of sophistication to each painting. To create these beautiful compositions, Fara uses acrylic paint and alcohol ink.  Alcohol inks are extremely unpredictable, so Fara has learned to embrace their free-flow quality and carefully direct the multiple layers for the desired final effect. A finished painting can have up to thirty layers making each one a rare combination of abandon and control; harnessed together by endless hours of experience for a finished creation that is beautiful, fresh and elegant.

Fara credits traveling the world and her love of color for influencing her inspiration.  But her background as a Dentist with a private practice adds the important ability to embrace thedetail, however delicate and unnoticeable to most.  Retired from Dentistry due to a serious ski accident, Fara has embraced the creativity she had as a child and completely devoted the last 6 years of her life to her Art Studio; the same dedication Fara oncegave to becoming a dentist was now directed towards her art. Soon the private commissions and corporate requests began coming in.  And as happens with true talent, it was discovered and brought into the gallery world for us all to personally interpret and enjoy.


1.    Substrate:  Fara uses ‘Clay Boards’ as her primary substrate. Here is the description from her supplier, a company called Ampersand
The ultimate mixed media panel! Archival and acid-free, Clayboard is created by applying Ampersand’s patented, archival kaolin clay ground to a True Artist Hardboard substrate, then sanding it to a velvet-smooth, absorbent finish. Clayboard is ideal for ink, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, casein, egg tempera, airbrush color, collage, pencil, and pen. Paint colors remain true and brilliant. Made from sustainable forest products that ensure the protection of wildlife, plants, soil, and water, Clayboard is formaldehyde-free and contains no harmful volatile organic compounds.

2.    Medium: Primarily Alcohol Ink and some Acrylic Paint.

3.    Technique:  
Fara must work on an extremely flat surface.  Since the alcohol inks are so free-flowing, the slightest difference in elevation will affect the outcome.  Super important to use a high-quality and consistent substrate such as the clayboards.  To get the desired consistency of the alcohol inks, Fara has a preferred blending solution she mixes with the ink and with isopropyl alcohol (91% alcohol).  The mixing of these 3 components is crucial to the final outcome of color intensity and consistency of the alcohol inks. Fara has worked through a lot of trial and error to create the mix that works best for her vision and style.  Fara will often pour the alcohol inks onto the board and then to create the final painting she uses paint brushes, hair dryers and directional gravity to coax everything into the final images and shapes she desires.

4.    Process:
Each painting has 20-30 layers of pigment which means 20-30 times of applying the pigment to different parts of the board and 20-30 times for drying each layer. Fara will have multiple paintings going at 1 time, anywhere from 2-8 depending on the size.  Each panel requires drying time between each application of pigment so one can see it is a long, on-going process. Once the painting is artistically complete, Fara sprays a clear UV protectant on top of the entire surface.  She then applies the specially formulated Art Resin which also is designed to keep the art true to its original state over time.
“Epoxy resins are prone to yellowing and other degradative effects from UV light, so stabilization additives are used to help mediate the damage. A UV stabilizer works to protect against gloss loss, cracking, chalking and de-lamination, and to some extent yellowing. A UV stabilizer merely delays yellowing in resins, so ArtResin has a HALS (hindered amine light stabilizer) added for extremely efficient long term yellowing protection. “  ***It is important to mention that in addition to this specialized art resin with these stabilization properties, Fara also uses a spray UV protectant on the art before even applying this art resin.  Multiple precautions taken against the sun. Do note that Fara is a perfectionist when it comes to applying the art resin.  It is super smooth and clean, completely flat on the surface like glass and straight-edged along the sides.

5.    Care and Handling:  No bubble wrap or plastic next to the surface of the art for transport or storage.  A micro-fiber cloth is best for dusting surface.  If something gets on the art a small amount of water on a micro-fiber cloth should be able to remove it.  If there is ever some serious damage like a major scratch, it could have a new coat of art resin applied by artist or another qualified art restorer.  Painted sides are done with white acrylic paint and could be touched up.