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Krystal King Artist Ocean Blue Galleries Krystal King

Work born out of survival and necessity, Krystal King has used vivid, vibrant colors since childhood. Being orphaned at a young age and having stresses of being passed from home to home, art has always been present in her life in some form or another.

King didn’t pursue a career in the world of art, until a devastating accident occurred while serving in the United States Air Force. “Both of my knees were severely fractured and it was made clear I would never walk, run or even stand the same again. My carrier was over in the blink of an eye. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I even wanted to do outside of retiring from the Air Force.”

Incredibly depressed, King turned to painting as a form of therapy while healing from service-related injuries.

“I was encouraged by my mentor to always follow my passions. Painting, Ocean and Travel seemed like they would never mix, and yet here I am in the Florida Keys, on a sailboat, painting.”

While her styles vary from medium to medium, bold colors and vast movement remains in all her works. Florals and Portrait studies are among her favorite subjects to portray.