Wyland working on a sculpture

WYLAND Lucite Sculptures

Wyland’s Lucite Sculptures combine beautiful contemporary sculpture with his signature marine-life.  The perfect combination of reality and Wyland’s colorful imagination.

These Lucite Sculptures are Very Collectible Limited Editions, each sculpture created when ordered by you!

Wyland & his Team of 10 Master craftsmen at Starlight will take 2-4 months to hand make each sculpture in each series and are some of the most sought after and Collectible Limited Editions Wyland has ever created!

 We consider Wyland’s Lucite Sculptures to be one of the most
Unique Processes & Best Quality Workmanship
 in the World today…
& therefore an Amazing Centerpiece in your home or office!

Below the Surf - Wyland lucite sculpture

Below the Surf

11.5”L x 14”w x 11”h
Limited Edition

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Blue Marlin Sea - Wyland lucite sculpture

Blue Marlin Sea

15″h x 10″w x 4 ¼ “d
Limited Edition

Clown Fish - Wyland Lucite Sculpture

Clown Fish

8” x 11” x 3”
Limited Edition

Dolphin Blues by Wyland - Lucite Sculpture

Dolphin Blues

13.5″h x 11.5″w x 5″d
Limited Edition

Dolphin Waters - Wyland lucite sculpture

Dolphin Waters

8.5”L x 6”w x 11.5”h
Limited Edition

First Born - Wyland lucite sculpture

First Born

11.5″h x 11.5″w x6.5″d
Limited Edition

Jellyfish in the Deep Blue Sea - Wyland Lucite Sculpture

Jellyfish in the Deep Blue Sea

8.5” x 10” x 4″
Limited Edition

Maui Whale Tail - Wyland lucite sculpture

Maui Whale Tail

11″h x 8″w x 3.5″d
Limited Edition

Mermaid in the Curl - Wyland lucite sculpture

Mermaid in the Curl

14”h x 12.5”w x 6.5”d
Limited Edition

Mermaid Sea Sea - Wyland lucite sculpture

Mermaid Sea Sea

9″L x 22.5″w x 14.5″h
Limited Edition

New Dolphin Wave - Wyland lucite sculpture

New Dolphin Wave

12”h x 9”w x 6”d
Limited Edition

Ocean Wave - Wyland lucite sculpture

Ocean Wave

15″ x 18″ x 7″
Limited Edition

Octopus Realm - Wyland lucite sculpture

Octopus Realm

12.25”h x 10”w
Limited Edition

Orca Blues - Wyland lucite sculpture

Orca Blues

13″h x 11″w x 6″d
Limited Edition

Orca Sounding - Wyland lucite sculpture

Orca Sounding

10”h x 9”w x 5”d
Limited Edition

Playful Dolphin Seas by Wyland - Lucite Sculpture

Playful Dolphin Seas

12.5″h x 11″w x 5.25″d
Limited Edition

Playful Seas - Wyland lucite sculpture

Playful Seas

14”h x 12.5”w x 6.5”d
Limited Edition

Polar Bear Cub - Wyland lucite sculpture

Polar Bear Cub (Hazel Blue)

12″w x 6″h x 4″d
Limited Edition

Polar Bear Sea - Wyland lucite sculpture

Polar Bear Sea

11”h x 23.5”w x 7”d
Limited Edition

Polar Seas - Wyland lucite sculpture

Polar Seas

15.5″h x 11″w x 10.5″d
Limited Edition

Sea Turtle Reflections - Wyland lucite sculpture

Sea Turtle Reflections

14”w x 10.75”h x 5.5”d
Limited Edition

Sea Horse Sea - Wyland lucite sculpture

Sea Horse Sea

12″w x 6″h x 4″d
Limited Edition

Turtle Sea - Wyland lucite sculpture

Turtle Sea

11”h x 23.5”w x 7”d
Limited Edition

Wyland Lucite Tables

Dolphin Wave Table - Wyland lucite sculpture

Dolphin Wave Table

21.5”h x 23” x 16”
Limited Edition

Humpback Wave Table - Wyland Lucites

Humpback Wave Table

21.5”h x 23” x 16″
Limited Edition

Turtle Wave Table - Wyland Lucites

Turtle Wave Table

11”h x 23.5”w x 7”d
Limited Edition

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